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Flapping Eagle is an Amerindian who is member of the fictitious tribe of Axona Amerindians. Because his mother died when giving him birth, the tribe first calls him Born-from-dead. He is white-skinned and physically tall different from the majority of the Axona who is dark-skinned and shortish. Flapping Eagle was born a hermaphrodite, whose male sexual predominance was only later defined. Flapping Eagle's unusual birth and his whiteness represent a lack of racial and ethnic identity. He effectively becomes the "Other" in his own group. The community exiled him in the circumstances of his confused sex, the circumstances of his birth, and pigmentation. They were frightened of Flapping Eagle and shied away from contact. No Axona had ever descended from the self-supporting plateau where they lived, the only one member of the Axona who ever reach the town is Bird-Dog, his sister, who was the first to break the law, learning the language and developing a kind of affinity for the people who lived in the plains. It was during one of her incursions into the town that she listened to a song from a "singing machine". That song was about a clever and fiendish creature called bird-dog, from which she borrowed her brave's name The Axona were prevented from temptation to leave the plateau because of an old legend that mentioned some "Whirling Demons". On Flapping Eagle's twenty-first birthday, a special date for the Axona, Bird-Dog tells him about her encounter with a peddler who had given her two bottles of different colors: yellow for immortality and blue for death. The man had sent an identical pair of bottles to him. While he runs into his tent in order to bury his gift, his sister takes the liquid that will grant her immortality. In full certainty of her choice she dashes the blue bottle to fragments but Flapping Eagle does not take his. When she incites him to accompany her to the town in the plains, he feels tempted, and, despite his fear, decides to go. Having reached the town, he finds out that all the people in the town are white. Only later, after Bird-Dog's disappearance and his being expelled from the tribe as a punishment, he drinks the life-giving fluid, in order to face the world outside in advantage. At first, he accepts from life whatever it gives him and becomes an older woman gigolo, taking benefit of her wealth. After her death, twenty-five years later, he finds out his blue bottle had disappeared. Consequently, he is irremediably condemned to immortality. Forced by the circumstances and his problems with the community, he starts searching for his sister, Bird-Dog and Sispy, the peddler. Only two things keep Flapping Eagle's quest: the first is his knowledge that only Sispy would know if there were a way to restore his mortality. The second is a message that Sispy had sent to Flapping Eagle through Bird-Dog in his first appearance: "Tell your brother that all eagles come at last to eyrie and all sailors come at last to shore". In his journey searching for his sister and Sispy, he is in a boat, sailing into the port of X, when he meets his dead lover's counsellor, Nicholas Deggle, who tells him that had assumed a new identity. Now he is Lokki, the magician. Immediately, Flapping Eagle understands that it would be impossible for an ordinary man to have lived for such a long time, unless he was one of them. During a conversation with that man, he fells from the boat into the Mediterranean, through a hole that takes him to a parallel dimension. He finally arrives at Calf Island, the place where he expects to find his sister and grow old, or die. Calf Island is inhabited by immortals that had found their longevity so burdensome that accepted to be guided by Sispy— the "pedlar"— to be with their own kind. An island formed by a single mountain, in which there is only one town: K. Virgil Jones, an ex- gravedigger, who is going to be his guide to the mountain where he expects to find his sister and Sispy, rescues Flapping Eagle. Flapping Eagle scales the island's peak, from which the mysterious Grimus Effect emits. The effect like the dimension-fever where you have passed the peak of the mountain you will enter another dimension with its different atmosphere. The only way to escape the Dimension-fever is by paralyzing imagination, locking on to the mind of another living being. On their way to the mountain, Virgil and Flapping Eagle enter the city of K, in order to be accepted by those people he would learn their past, making them his own. It is only when he reaches the peak of the mountain that things start to be unveiled. His face is like the face of Grimus, a man who claims to be the orchestrator of his life.

Item Type: Thesis (Skripsi)
Additional Information: KKB KK-2 FS BE 50/07 Lut n
Subjects: P Language and Literature > PR English literature > PR83 English literature
Divisions: 12. Fakultas Ilmu Budaya > Sastra Inggris
Luthfi, Musthafa, NIM. 120210423UNSPECIFIED
ContributorLina Puryanti, S.S., M.Hum.UNSPECIFIED
Depositing User: Sulistiorini
Date Deposited: 29 May 2008 12:00
Last Modified: 09 Sep 2016 07:44
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