WAROK PONOROGO (Studi Tentang Perilaku Ritual Warok dalam Dimensi Mistik)

AMAL TAUFIQ, 099913315m (2002) WAROK PONOROGO (Studi Tentang Perilaku Ritual Warok dalam Dimensi Mistik). Thesis thesis, UNIVERSITAS AIRLANGGA.


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ABSTRACT Background of this research is based by an empirical reality that part of Ponorogo society, especially warok class concludes to defend eastern tradition through explore traditional nonn, namely ritual behavior in mystic dimendion. Existence of this ritual behavior was looked as positive respon toward modern living challenge. The main problems in this research are how ritual behavior warok in order to protect their mystic power ? Ethnography method was used and technique of collecting data through in-depth interview. Infonnan in this research are three prominent figure of senior warok and yunior warok , however kualitatif analysis was used, and the data was served in realism narration pattern. In accordance to this research has got conclusion that there is resemble between warok Ponorogo profile and wara' (sufi), warok in Ponorogo tenninology is name and symbol from high class and social status in society. Same values of warok include nine prime. To protect the power of warok mystic in initial time begins from self-purified that include three activity, namely sucining suworo, sucining tenogo, and sucining roso . After that. warok performs lakon tirakat with reduce their eat, sleep and prevent their natural appetite, in addition to avoid strikan such as as mohnio, maling, madal, main, minum, minum madon, also madam and matent. Then, they must perform fasting, namely puasa ngrowot, puasa ngidang, puasa inendem, puasa pao geni, puasa mutih, puasa ngalong, puasa ngasrep, puasa ngepel andpuasa ngebleng. There are three live orientations of warok, namely, the first, derive of life is light wick radiate light of God (emanasi) the second that live purpose is main live and main death, the third the ways to achieve live purpose must was spent with always eling and muse toward this life, because still always eling and muse this life similar with remember and muse existence of God. If it is occur, thus, the human will achieve high level was called Jumbuhing Kuwula Gusti, Manunggaling Kamulu Gucti, here was opened all screen and there is only truism.

Item Type: Thesis (Thesis)
Additional Information: TS 04/03 Tau w
Uncontrolled Keywords: WAROK PONOROGO
Subjects: H Social Sciences > HM Sociology > HM(1)-1281 Sociology > HM621-656 Culture
Divisions: 09. Sekolah Pasca Sarjana
Depositing User: Nn Shela Erlangga Putri
Date Deposited: 2016
Last Modified: 19 Jun 2017 21:42
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