KRISNITA DWI JAYANTI, 101414553008 (2016) INDEKS PREDIKTIF RISIKO KEMATIAN IBU DI KOTA SURABAYA. Thesis thesis, Universitas Airlangga.

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The maternal mortality raito (MMR) in Indonesia remains high 359 per 100.000 live birth (SDKI 2012). MMR is an indicator of mother’s helath, especially the risk of being death for a mother while pregnancy and delivery. McCarthy and Maine shows three factors that influence maternal mortality, i.e proximate determinant, intermediate determinant and distant determinant. Surabaya city is one of city in the province of East Java which have maternal mortality case still high, so it is necessary to study factor that influence matenal mortality in that city. Problem reducing maternal mortality in developing countries because of inadequate information. Inadequate information was the lack of statistichal data dan regular information that can describe maternal mortality. Besides the lack of description of the problem of maternal deaths due to information about maternal deaths have so far only illustrates the magnitude of the problem, but has not been able to describe the level of vulnerability of maternal mortality. Information about predictors of maternal deaths is limited, so to measure the risk of maternal death, it is necessary to develop an index. Reletade topics important predictors of maternal mortality to be understood as an effort for the planning and evaluation of maternal and child health programs. The index assesses forecast or predict the risk to maternal mortality has not been done. The index has been used in the early detection of the mother still see the risk of pregnancy and has not looked at the risk of maternal death. The purpose of this study was to determined the indicators and develop predictive index formula risk factor of maternal mortality. Type of this research was observasional analytic research using case control study. Case in this study is maternal death in Surabaya district and control group was all mother in pregnancy still live up to 42 days postpartum. The sample size in this study were 114 respondents 38 cases and 76 controls. The sampling technique in this study used simple random sampling technique. Data collection techniques done with secondary data obtained through pregnant women cohort registers and mother card. Age, parity, IMT, LILA, anemia status,interval pregnancy,TT imunization, antenatal care, birth attendants,history of contraception, history of illnes, history of complikation is the independent variable in this study. The dependent variable was maternal mortality. The result showed that a candidat indicator variables(p<0,25) is age (p value=0,179), parity (p value = 0,224), anemia status (p value = 0,002), imunizazion TT (p value=0,127), antenatal care (p value= 0,127), history of contraception (p value= 0,002), and history of illnes (p value= 0,001).The seven variables as indicators of default of risk factor maternal mortality : age, parity, imunizazion TT, and antenatal care. The predictive index of risk factor of maternal mortality are ( - 1,834 + (2,267xhistory of illnes) + (1,597xhistory of using contracepcion) + (1,597xanemia status)). This index is expected to be considered and utilized as a measuring tool in helping health workers, especially in health centers for screening mother, so early can know that pregnant women have an increased risk.of dying either during pregnancy, give birth and parturition

Item Type: Thesis (Thesis)
Additional Information: KKC KK TEP 08-16 Jay i
Subjects: R Medicine > RG Gynecology and obstetrics > RG1-991 Gynecology and obstetrics > RG500-991 Obstetrics > RG940-991 Maternal care. Prenatal care services
Divisions: 10. Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat > Magister Epidemiologi
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Date Deposited: 02 Mar 2017 22:21
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