POLA PENGGUNAAN DIURETIK PADA PASIEN GAGAL JANTUNG (Penelitian Dilaksanakan di Paviliun Jantung RUMKITAL Dr. Ramelan Surabaya)

PUPUT NOVIANA, 050710143 (2011) POLA PENGGUNAAN DIURETIK PADA PASIEN GAGAL JANTUNG (Penelitian Dilaksanakan di Paviliun Jantung RUMKITAL Dr. Ramelan Surabaya). Skripsi thesis, UNIVERSITAS AIRLANGGA.


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to pump sufficient blood to meet the meta bolic needs of the body. Hearth failure is syndrome in which the patients should have the shortness at rest or during exertion, fatigue, signs of fluid retention such as pulmonary congestion and ankle swelling and abnormality of structure or function of the he art at rest. Diuretics are used in patients with heart failure to relieve symptoms of systemic and pulmonary venous congestion Aims This study was aimed to study the use, outcomes ang drug related problems of diuretics on heart failure patients at Dr. Ramelan General Hospital of TNI AL Surabaya Method The data was collcted using pros pective methode from medication record, nurse’s observation sheet, and in terview to 30 patients and analyzed descriptively from period Ma rch 28th 2011 to december 30th 2011. Result The result of this study showed that th e prevalence of heart failure mostly seen in woman (60%) with average age 60-74 years old (66,67%). Diuretics are used in all heart failure patients to redu ce fluid overload caused by the system that is not compensated. Diuretics used are furosemide and spironolactone. As many as 80% of patients received diuretic co mbination therapy. The most combination is bolus injection of furosemide 3x20mg and spironolactone 1x25mg in 26,67% patients. Diuretics will reduce the clinical symptoms that include shortness, peripheral edema and lowering blood pressu re. If the symptoms have started to decrease, the dose of diuretic will be re duced. Side effect of furosemide which mostly appeared was hipokalemia on 13,34% patients and side effect of spironolactone was hyperkalemia on 3,33% patient. The drug interaction were arythmia due to usage of furosemid-digoxin, and hyperkalemia due to usage of spironolakton-ACEI. Conclution diuretics are the primary drug for th e treatment of heart failure that need to be monitored to avoid drug-re lated problems. Pharmacists' role is indispensable to monitor the use of diuretic s and in collaboration with other health workers in order to improve the quality of life.

Item Type: Thesis (Skripsi)
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