Periodontal Disease and Salivary Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines Level: A Study of Final Trimester Pregnant Women

Retno Indrawati Roestamadji, - and Nuraini Indrastie, - and Indeswati Diyatri, - and Udijanto Tedjosasongko, - and OKI FADHILA, - and Ninuk Hariyani, - (2020) Periodontal Disease and Salivary Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines Level: A Study of Final Trimester Pregnant Women. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 12 (4).

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Periodontal disease is one of oral diseases that is experienced by most people in the world, whereas Indonesian basic health survey reported that approximately 75% people suffer from periodontal disease. Pregnant women are more at risk of periodontal disease and it is found that periodontal disease leads to several adverse pregnancy outcomes. This study aimed to compare salivary pro-inflammatory cytokines (IL-6 and TNF-) levels between final trimester healthy pregnant women and final trimester pregnant women with periodontal disease. This research is a cross-sectional, analytical observational study that was conducted after passing the ethical aspect. Subjects were 37 final trimester pregnant women divided into 2 groups, healthy group (Group 1/G1) and periodontal disease group (Group 2/G2). All of them were asked to fill out questionnaires and performed an intra oral clinical examination. Unstimulated saliva was collected from each subject using passive drool method. Salivary levels of IL-6 and TNF- were determined using ELISA method. Data that had been obtained were analyzed using SPSS. Subjects’ characteristics were described in number and percentage. The difference in pro-inflammatory cytokines levels between G1 and G2 were analyzed using Independent t test (TNF-α) dan Mann-Whitney test (IL-6). Salivary levels of both IL-6 and TNF- were found significantly higher in periodontal disease group compared to the healthy group (p=0.026 and p=0.001). Periodontal disease might contribute to the increased level of salivary pro-inflammatory cytokines of pregnant women, especially in TNF- and IL-6. Thus, periodontal status of pregnant women could be one of important factors that must be considered during pregnancy

Item Type: Article
Subjects: R Medicine > RK Dentistry
Divisions: 02. Fakultas Kedokteran Gigi > Dental Public Health
Retno Indrawati Roestamadji, -NIDN0012115903
Nuraini Indrastie, --
Indeswati Diyatri, -NIDN0015036204
Udijanto Tedjosasongko, -NIDN0001066809
Ninuk Hariyani, -NIDN0007057906
Depositing User: Muhammad Fadli Rois
Date Deposited: 14 Apr 2023 03:44
Last Modified: 14 Apr 2023 03:44
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