PERANAN TEH KOMPOS TERHADAP PERTUMBUHAN DAN PRODUKSITANAMAN CABE MERAH BESAR(Capsicum annum,L) : Kajian Respon Tanaman Cabe Merah Besar Terhadap Perlakuan Jenis, Cara Pemberian dan Konsentrasi Teh Kompos

NORA AUGUSTIEN K., 090214924 D (2006) PERANAN TEH KOMPOS TERHADAP PERTUMBUHAN DAN PRODUKSITANAMAN CABE MERAH BESAR(Capsicum annum,L) : Kajian Respon Tanaman Cabe Merah Besar Terhadap Perlakuan Jenis, Cara Pemberian dan Konsentrasi Teh Kompos. Disertasi thesis, UNIVERSITAS AIRLANGGA.


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Plant large red pepper (Capsicum annum, L.) Is a fruit vegetable crops that have high economic value, this commodity can be cooked or eaten raw. Penggunanan compost tea from waste materials the city park and a vegetable market on the cultivation of red chili, aims to provide availability of macro nutrients, micro as well as improve the soil and plants. Compost tea is a term in the organic liquid fertilizer, made from compost material included in a cheesecloth bag and then soaked in water for 14 days. Materials used compost derived from composting of municipal waste material in the form of canoe city park and vegetable market waste. Through the immersion process to form compost tea compost expected nutrient content of compost lebiti available for soil and plants. During this time the source material compost tea garden waste and vegetable market town yet revealed the elements / compounds anything conceived, so necessary to study its ability to increase growth and crop production. Generally, this study aims to assess the compost tea on the source material waste compost bins the city park and vegetable market to boost growth and production tanamart-red chili. Some of the research activities carried out include: I. The study aims to determine the content of the hormone auxin is there, macro and micro nutrients, total bacteria and fungi in the compost tea on the source material waste compost municipal park and vegetable market waste; carried out in the laboratory. The next research II conducted at Study Center for Agribusiness Development village Lebo Sidoarjo, to determine the interaction of species, route of administration and concentration of compost tea best 4erhadap growth and production of red chili (Capsicum annum, L.) In polybags, conducted as factorial, arranged in completely randomized design (CRD) with five (5) replicates. The first factor is the type of compost tea, namely: T1 = Tea Compost of source material waste compost State Parks; T2 = Tea compost from compost material resources Waste Vegetable Market. The second factor is the way the provision of compost tea by: P1 = Leaf; P2 = Land; P3 = Leaves and Soil. The third factor is the concentration of the compost are: K1 + 1.0 mS / cm; K2 + 1.5 EmS / cm; K3 = 2.0 mS / cm. Later III study, to determine the effect of the compost (composted best research II) with control (inorganic fertilizers) and PPC (complementary liquid fertilizer) on the growth and yield of red chili field. This research was arranged in a randomized block design (RAK) which diulngi 3 times. Kompinasi treatment results of phase II studies (field use of polybags) selected eight best treatment. Combination treatments, namely: K = Treatment using inorganic fertilizer (control) PPC = treatment given organic liquid fertilizer (peal-appeal) T1 P1 K1 = combination of good treatment of the results of phase II studies (1) T1 P1 K2 = combination of good treatment of tahapII research results (2) T1 P2K1 = combination of good treatment of hastipenelitian phase II (3) T1 P2K2 = combination of good treatment from the .penelitian tahapII (4) T2P1 K1 = A combination of good treatment from the research tahapII (5) T2P1 K2 = combination of good treatment of the results of research tahapll (6) T2P2K1 = combination of good treatment from the research tahapII (7) T2P2K2 = combination of good treatment from the research tahapII (8) Every treatment is provided five (5) plants, respectively -masing treatment was repeated 3 times. To compare the mean among the treatments that people tried to use different test real honest (HSD) at 5% level. Based on the results of this study concluded that 1.) There auxin hormone content in tea compost from garden waste compost material resources of the city (T1) of 823 ppm and vegetable market waste (T2) of 703 ppm. In the compost tea (T1) N element content of 0.03%; P 0.02 ppm; K 0.21%; Na 0.15%; C 0.18%; Ca 0.13%; Mg 0.05%; B.O 0.31%; C / N 6; Fe 5.26 ppm; Cu 0.06 ppm; Zn 0.28 ppm; CI does not .terukur; pH 7.3. while in the compost tea (T2) N content of 0.1%; P 0.0035%; K 0.17%; Na 0.16%; C 0.78%; Ca 0.22%; Mg 0.066%; B.O 1.34%; C / N-7.8; -Fe 10.86 ppm; Cu 0.02 ppm; Zn 0.25 ppm; CI is not measurable; pH 8.5. 2.) There is real interaction on the treatment type of compost tea (T), the route of administration (P) and the concentration (K) on the growth of large red chilli plants in polybag. At the time of observation variables plant height mst age 14 high of 87.94 cm in combination T2P2K1 ,. The highest number of leaves when the observation aged 14 mst of 779.60 strands in combination T2P2K2 and the number of productive branches high of 245.20 on a combination of T1 P2K2 branch. 3.) The compost tea is able to increase the production of red chili plant in polybags. Real interaction occurs at the highest T2P2K2 236.60 against the amount of interest rate, the number of total fruit / 120.40 highs plant fruit / plant and fruit weight of total / 574.73 g of crops / plants. The highest percentage of fruit set on the combination T2P1 57.75 K1. 4.) The combination treatment is compost tea T2P2K2 of vegetable market waste compost, given through the soil, at a concentration of 1.5 mS / cm gives plant height, leaf number and the highest number of productive branches of 77.82 cm, respectively, 556.93 and 227.47 while the strands of plant height, number of leaves and branches earning the lowest in control respectively by 69.09 cm, 472.20 and 188.07 strands branch, while PPC amounted to 73.49 cm; 510.73 199.13 strands and branches. Treatment T2P2K2 able to increase plant height, leaf number, the number of productive branches amounted to 11.39%; 17.94%; 20.94% and 5.06% compared to controls; 9.04%; 14.23% compared to PPC. 5). T2P2K2 treatment capable of providing high of 239.13 the amount of interest rates; The highest fruit set percentage of 72.42%; the amount of fruit per¬panen (VII) / fruit crop amounted to 65.30; total number of fruit / plant amounted to 183.67 fruit, fruit weight per harvest (VII) / plant amounted to 637.68 g; total weight of the fruit / plant amounted to 1916.59 g, 72.42% fruit set Controls In the treatment, the number of flowers 208.67, the number of fruit / plant 152.26, the total weight of the fruit / plant 1416.45 g, 70.19% fruit set and the amount of interest PPC 219.93, 148.52 fruit number, weight of total fruit / plant 1341.66, 67.38% fruit set. T2P2K2 able to increase the amount of interest; the number of fruit / plant; weight of fruit / plant respectively by 14.59%; 20.63%; 35.45%, compared to controls, and 8.73%; 23.66%; 43.00% compared to PPC. 6.) The combination treatment T2P2K2 memperoleb Harvest index high of 80.83%, 37.16 Roots Heading ratio; Root Length 44.89 cm whereas PPC 72.14%; 31.57; 30.62 cm and 69.14% control; 29.13; 29.12 cm.

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