Implementasi Kebijaksanaan Publik: Peremajaan Transportasi Umum di Kotamadya Malang

Agung Hermawan (1996) Implementasi Kebijaksanaan Publik: Peremajaan Transportasi Umum di Kotamadya Malang. Thesis thesis, UNIVERSITAS AIRLANGGA.

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The objective of this research is to study implementation of public policy on local government Malang about newly transportation implementation, the focus on three subject matters : Implementation of policy actors and whose get the advantages from that interactions ; and target groups responsiveness caused by the policy. Qualitative approach is used to get basic meaningfull participants benvolved and they can acces to the implementation. The participants are the leaders of groups or representative of those chosen in incidental way, and they can describe the meaningfull of the fenomena. The implementation of the policy involves : The leaders of BPTD/implementing bureaucrats, parlement leaders, organda leader, SPSI leader, The coordinators groups of Bemo and Mikrolet trajectory. Participants or informants growing in following “snowball” principle. The technical analysis of the theimplementation is conducted by step by step interelation. Analysis domain is used to achieve knowledge on surface and general it will explain the implementation process. While, taxonomy, componencial, and theme analysis, and which groups get advantages. In addition they also will explain the responsiveness of the target groups caused by transportation reformation policy. The research that is explained with descriptive Qualitative has proven that the reformation of bemo become mikrolet was implemented unsuccessfully. The thesis is : The implementation process of urban transportation reformation is implemented relatively closed; reformation policy in installment car ownership and trajectory distribution depend on the interaction among the policy actors, and they who receive the advantages are implementing bureaucrats, the rich capital owner, first and second investors ; the implementation of the reformation policy has caused market/economy structure urban transportation system change ; the reformation policy has raisen conflict to the target groups because they want to maintain or to achieve resources of their trajectory and cars ownership allocation. The theoretical implication of this finding is to underline that parlement is weak in terms of its bargaining power position ; the interest groups (Organda and SPSI) do not have power to empowering his member, meanwhile implementation are dominated by the executive Reasearcher suggest the need for strong controle from the parlement and the changing of the job rotation for implementing bureaucrats (especially the leader) is urgen to minimize collusions, theoretically comparative research need to be conducted for reformation transportation policy.

Item Type: Thesis (Thesis)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Implemantation, public policy, Reformation urban transportation, Interaction, process and respons
Subjects: H Social Sciences
H Social Sciences > HE Transportation and Communications
H Social Sciences > HE Transportation and Communications > HE5601-5725 Automotive transportation Including trucking, bus lines, and taxicab service
Divisions: 07. Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik > Magister Ilmu ilmu Sosial
Agung HermawanNIM099311362
ContributionNameNIDN / NIDK
Thesis advisorRamlan SurbaktiNIDN0020065102
Depositing User: Ika Rudianto
Date Deposited: 06 Dec 2020 15:52
Last Modified: 06 Dec 2020 15:52
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